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It is a platform specialized in the field of creative education for those interested in learning the Arabic language in Europe. Through this platform, we work to collect the finest products of specialized institutions concerned with teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers in the world. Therefore, a package of the most important educational products issued by the International Curriculum Foundation was chosen to be Adopting it on our Ejada platform. In addition, our platform works to cooperate with a number of Arabic language experts and teachers in the Kingdom of Sweden in particular, to provide a group of professional and specialized courses to teach the Arabic language to members of communities in Europe in accordance with the nature and specificity of European countries. Arabesca Education is the education division of the Swedish company Nordic Digital World, which specializes in the cultural and media field. The company runs the Arabeskabazar platform, which is considered one of the most important book marketing agencies in Europe. The company also organizes Arabic book fairs in Europe periodically in Sweden, Denmark, and a number of countries. European capitals. To achieve these purposes, Nordic Digital World has concluded many cooperation and partnership agreements with a large number of Arab educational institutions and publishing houses in most Arab countries.

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Contributing to the educational development process by preparing and presenting curricula that are integrated in their construction and achieve their cognitive and educational goals through digital platforms that keep pace with modern technologies.

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