The platform provides everything you need to learn the Arabic language quickly and easily
Family education
All the father and mother need in terms of effective, easy-to-use materials for home education and to monitor the progress of academic achievement at home or school
Teacher tools
Teaching Arabic is no longer arduous. Through effective teacher tools, teaching and learning become enjoyable and effective
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What distinguishes the Ejada platform?

Integrated educational environment

These include, for example, virtual classes, an e-learning system, ready-made test forms, and various school reports for administration and parents

Modern curricula

The Bayan series dedicated to teaching the Arabic language in Europe and the Kunooz series dedicated to teaching the Arabic language in Scandinavia

Courses for teachers

Once you register on the platform, whether the free or paid package, the teacher will receive free monthly courses from distinguished experts

Enrichment resource library

Interactive educational enrichment materials aimed at facilitating learning effectively, making it attractive and interesting, while increasing the quality of communication during lessons.

What do we offer you?

Positive teenager having video conference on laptop with teacher from home, wearing headset and waving at screen, free space

The platform provides you with a range of creative solutions for teaching the Arabic language in Scandinavia and Europe, by benefiting from the expertise of the most prestigious institutions specialized in teaching the Arabic language in the world, as we provide our services mainly to institutions, schools, families and individuals interested in teaching and learning the Arabic language in Europe.

female teacher)
Educational cycle

Arabesca was keen to ensure that the curricula used on this platform were at the highest levels in terms of the effectiveness of teaching and learning, the professionalism of scientific construction, the modernity of designs, ease of use, as well as the richness of multimedia content. Therefore, the Bayan series and the Kunooz series were chosen to be produced by the leading institution in teaching Arabic. International Curriculum Foundation

Who is this platform for?

To you, family

Every family is keen to keep the Arabic language loud in their home 

To you, student

For every student, male and female, who wants to learn and master the Arabic language without difficulty

To you, teacher

For every teacher looking for a distinguished curriculum, professional development, and a comprehensive platform 

For you, teacher

Every school administration would like to keep pace with teaching the Arabic language with modern technologies

"Ejada" platform tools

Electronic library

The platform includes a huge electronic library consisting of two series, the first (Treasures Series) for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers for the category that is learning the Arabic language for the first time, and the second (Bayan Series) for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers for the category that has simple prior knowledge such as knowing the Arabic letters.. The platform also includes Enrichment materials consisting of educational stories guided by common human values, as well as Alwan magazine

Teacher resources

The working teacher is the basis for the success of the educational process. The presence of a distinct and specialized curriculum does not replace the qualification and training of the teacher so that he can deliver concepts and lessons effectively to the recipient. To achieve this goal, the Ejada platform has provided educational and training materials with different and diverse topics to contribute to improving the level of male and female teachers in the classroom. courses, in addition to providing monthly training lectures by a number of experts


E-learning has become an integral part of the contemporary education process, as traditional in-person education no longer keeps pace with the requirements of the times and recent developments. In order to benefit from modern educational technologies, the Ejada platform was developed and provided with technologies that contribute to raising the efficiency of education through the creation of an LMS system that enables the teacher and Parameter of creating and preparing electronic lessons Tests and issuing periodic reports on the student’s performance

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